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Protect and personalize your firearm all at the same time with Cerakote or Gunkote custom gun finish. We are able to completely customize your firearm with over 100 different colors and combinations. Cerakoting/Gunkoting your firearms will make it look like new, and offer impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness, corrosion prevention, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. Cerakote is as tough as your firearm.

Gun Cleaning

When we clean a gun we don’t just throw it in a parts washer or sonic cleaner. We carefully disassemble the firearm and pay special attention to every part. We inspect each part for wear and tear. If we think a part needs to be replaces we will call you and let you know.


We have over 200,000 gun parts on site and order parts that we need every day. If you need that gun cleaned for the upcoming season we can take it completely apart and put it in the parts washer and inspect every part before putting it back together. We are one of the few Gun shops that uses a bore scope to inspect your firearm, and a sight pusher to be able to take your sights off without damage.

Custom Builds

If you are looking for a custom bolt gun, revolver, pistol, or AR you have come to the right place. Custom means custom. We are not baking cookies here with a cookie cutter. We sit down and custom design your firearm to exactly what you want, and then go about building it.

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Really Really great people, I know Great cause i make great and these guys are great.

— Donald Trump

WOW, they are just WOW

— Gaston Glock

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